H. L Bourgeois High School

Students Say It

What are you most thankful for during Thanksgiving?



My family, because they're always there for me

-Sameera Hasan


My family and my life

-Jalen Simmons


My niece because she's our miracle baby

-Erin Scott


The amount of support my family gives me because i have a very large extended family, because I've never felt so loved

-Christina Mcelroy


My mom because that's who raised me

-Miguel Roy


My son because he makes my world perfect



My family beacuse they're always there for me 

-Abrinna Clemens


The food, because everybody has access to food.

-Rebekah Lee


Family and food, because my family always there for me when other people aren't and food is good 

Theresa Havis


Having a good year so far