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What is Civics and what should I prepare for?


What is Civics?


Glad you asked and checked!  Civics is the study of the government and citizen ship in our United States of America.  It focuses less on the history of our country and instead on how our citizen ship work, our amendments, and our rights.  The class also focuses on the important documents and ideas that formed our nation the way it is today.  It also goes in-depth into how one is or becomes a citizen in America, and recent politics.  Civics is one of the classes you must take if you wish to graduate with your four social studies.  Our current classes offer a regular Civics and a honors Civics and you may choose which best appeals to you.  





Dusty Foret

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Subjects Taught Civics Fall SEM
Planning Period 1st
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Darren Simoneaux

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Planning Period 1st 
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